waste paper recycling machine

Waste Paper Recycling Machine

As we know from literal meaning, the waste paper recycling machine is used to make used paper turn into new paper. The used paper can be books, newspapers, corrugated cardboard boxes and so on. The waste paper can be called “secondary fiber”. Using secondary fibre to make paper can reduce the usage of woold pulp and consumption of forest. It is a good way to maintain the ecological balance and reduce environment pollution. Making 1 ton recycling paper with waste paper can save 100t pure water, 600kw power, 9 trees of a hundred growth, 1.2t coal, 300kg chemical raw material, a lot of money for disposing waste paper and decrease 3m3 solid waste and 60 pound industrial waste gas.


Beside paper recycling machine, we also have many types of egg tray machine for sale. It is used to make waste paper into paper egg trays. Certainly, if you want to make egg cartons, you just need to change the mould. Therefore, with the machine, you can make egg trays, egg cartons and apple trays. Investing the machine just needs small amounts of money and you can make a great deal of money from it. Choose the appropriate machine now!

1000psc egg tray machine for sale
1000pcs egg tray machine for sale

1500pcs egg tray machine for sale
1500pcs egg tray machine for sale

2000pcs egg tray machine for sale
2000pcs egg tray machine for sale

2500pcs egg tray machine for sale
2500pcs egg tray machine for sale

3000-5000pcs egg tray machine for sale
3000-5000pcs egg tray machine for sale

5000-7000pcs egg tray machine for sale
5000-7000pcs egg tray machine for sale

In paper industry, people cut off large stretches of forest to make paper when there is no waste paper recycling plant. With over-exploited, people have to face forest resource shortage. Therefore, people began to seek for new ways to make paper. Many paper making machine manufacturers began to adopt waster paper to replace the wood pulp. Because using waste paper can solve the energy shortage problem effectively, the utilization of waste paper becomes one of the main development trends in paper making industry all over the world. Accordingly, paper recycling machine is very popular on the market.

Benefits Of Investing Recycle Paper Machine:

Low cost: Compared with making wood pulp paper, although recycling paper deinking process needs some chemical materials, the cost of paper recycling machine is still lower than wood paper making machine. Because adopting recycling fibre can reduce the consumption of water, power and steam. Meanwhile, because simple production process can reduce investment and operation cost, the paper recycling machine cost can be reduced greatly. Therefore, recycling fibre occupies a favorable position on the market competition. Investors prefer to waste paper recycling plant cost. After all, investors want to make more profits.

Environmental Friendly: Using paper recycling equipment to make paper can protect forest source, water source and land source. Firstly, If you use wood to make paper, you should exploit the forest to get the raw material. One hectare of forest can make 45t wood. According to data, recycling 1t waste paper can protect 17 big trees.

Secondly, paper recycling machine and small toilet paper making machine project can reduce the amount of pure water and waster water discharge. Commonly, producing 1t wood paper needs 100 m3 water.

Thirdly, If waste paper was disposed in landfills, it needs more than 100 years to degrade fully. If you reuse waste paper, many waste papers cannot pollute the land.

Above all, besides providing wood and all kinds of forest by-products, forest is the important component of earth ecological system. The environmental value of forest is larger than the wood value. In forest, 1t wood can provide 1.3t oxygen gas. If you use paper recycling plant to make paper, you can protect earth ecological system.

In a word, paper recycling plant machinery is worthy of investing. The price of paper recycling machine is not too high and you are able to buy the appropriate recycling machine and toilet paper machine for sale from We Beston Machinery. Manually operated paper recycling machine is the smallest machine. The paper recycling plant cost of this machine is the least. If you want to save your cost, you can buy it.

The Waste Paper Pulping Process:

Waste paper pulping process is use deflaking system to get paper pulp. More details about it as the followings:

  1. Three functions of deflaking system: Deflaking system is used to beat waster paper to form single fiber. Also, the deflaking system can separate impurities of printing ink and sticky matter from fiber. What’s more, dispose of thick impurities after deflaking. During the process, mix the deinking agent and decolorizer evenly.
  2. In order to complete the three functions, deflaking system should have four process.
  3. Feeding part: according to the operation demand of hydrapulper, you should convey waste paper quantitatively to deflaking equipment with conveyor equipment.
  4. Deflaking part: use various of pulper to best waste paper into water suspension. This is process also called coarse deflaking.
  5. Re-chipping part: use the re-chipping equipment to mix pieces of papers.
  6. Thick impurities removal part: remove the big impurities out. It is convenient for next part.
  7. We Beston Machinery can supply you high quality paper waste recycling plant. Meanwhile, the paper recycling machine prices of our factory are competitive. Waste paper recycling is called the “city’s forest” industry overseas. If you are interested in investing the machine, please let us know. We would provide you the best service.

The Perfect Service For Customers:

1. We will give more details about your concern problem through email, whatsapp and phone the first time we have received your inquiry.

2. We will arrange expert to help you install recycling of paper machine. And our engineer will train your workers if you need.

3. If you meet any problems during operating, you can contact us to help you to solve.

4. We Beston Machinery guarantee lifelong maintenance for you.

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