Egg Tray Making Machine

The end products of egg tray making machine are egg trays. The raw materials of making egg trays are original wood pulp, craft paper, old newspaper, old books and other kinds of recycled papers. You can get raw material easily. If you run an chicken farm, you can buy this paper pulp making machine to make egg trays for packing your eggs. Or, if you have a amount of recycled paper, you also can purchase this machine to make waste paper turn into egg trays.

Many customers would like to buy egg tray machine from we Beston Machinery. Here, you can see our customers picture. Our customers come from all over the world, such as Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India, Syria etc. For customers, we have our service principle: Sincerity, Customer First, and High Customer Satisfaction. Do you want to be our reliable cooperator? Contact us now!

buy egg tray machine
buy egg tray machine

Senegal Customers Buy 5000pcs Egg-Tray Machine
Buy 3000pcs egg tray machine
Algeria customer Buy 3000pcs egg tray machine

The Categories of Egg Tray Machine:

According to productivity and automatic degree, there are three types of the machine: small, semi automatic and automatic machine.

Semi Automatic Egg Tray Machine:

The mould quantity of the semi automatic egg tray machine china is 12, 16, 32. It can make 2000pcs, 2500pcs, 3000-4000pcs egg trays per hour. In order to match up with productivity, you would better to choose brick and metal drying line for this machine. The advantages of the machine are: high quality, high efficiency, high productivity, etc.

2000pcs egg-tray-making-machine
2000pcs egg-tray-making-machine

2500pcs egg tray making machine
2500pcs egg tray making machine

3000-4000 egg tray making machine
3000-4000 egg tray making machine

Models Output per hour(pieces) Mould quantity Total power(kw) Paper consumed per hour(kg) Worker(persons)
BTF-3-4 2000pcs 12units 53.7 170  4-6
BTF-4-4 2500pcs 16units 57 212  4-6
BTF-4-8 3000-4000pcs 32units 90 298  5-7

Automatic Egg Tray Machine:

BTF-5-8 and BTF-4-12 are the models for fully automatic paper egg tray machine. The mould quantity of them are 40units and 48units. For this machine, Beston Machinery, one of professional egg tray making machine suppliers, recommend metal drying line for you. The metal drying line has several layers and adopts belt conveyor for drying. Therefore, it can complete drying process quickly and automatically. It can save a lot of time and workers cost.

4000-5000 egg tray making machine
4000-5000 egg tray making machine

5000-6000pcs egg tray making machine
5000-6000pcs egg tray making machine

Models Output per hour(pieces) Mould quantity Total power(kw) Paper consumed per hour(kg) Worker(persons)
BTF-5-8 4000-5000pcs 40units 150 425  5-7
BTF-5-12 5000-6000pcs 60units 153 459  5-7

Egg Tray Making Process:

Mainly, there are three parts for egg tray manufacturing process: pulp system, molding system, drying and packing system. Look at the video about 1500pcs egg tray making machine working process:

Pulping system: making slurry is our first step for produce egg trays. In this process, we should use hydrapulper to smash raw material (waster paper) to get slurry. Meanwhile, we should adjust the slurry concentration in the pulp pool.

Molding system of egg tray production line: with the help of air compressor and molding machine, the mixed slurry can be made to wet egg trays. Then, the egg trays will be conveyed for drying through conveyor.

Drying and packing system: you can choose traditional brick dying line or metal drying line. Drying can squeeze excess water in wet egg trays out. After that, we can use hot press machine and packaging machine to pack egg trays. Hot press machine can reduce the volume of a large batch of egg trays. Packed egg trays can be transported conveniently.
egg tray making process

We Beston -A Reliable Egg Tray Making Machine Manufacturer:

How to find a good reputable and reliable paper egg tray making machine manufacturer? There are many egg tray machine manufacturers on the internet. You should compare them from quality, price, advantages and so on. Then, choose the most appropriate one to cooperate.

We Betson Machinery is a large enterprise integrating research and development, manufacture, sales and services. We have enjoyed a good reputation on the market. You can find we Beston Machinery advantages as the followings:

The unique process equipments: the egg tray machinery and egg carton machine of Beston Machinery can make 2.8m×1.2m( the biggest) pulp molded products. One set of BTF-5-12 tray machine can make 6000pcs egg trays per hour. If you work 10 hours a day, one BTF-5-12 can make 6000pcs egg trays. How fast the BTF-5-12 is!

The wide application material: the original wood pulp, straw pulp, reed pulp, sugar cane pulp, craft paper, old newspapers, pulp, cotton pulp can be made into your satisfied egg trays.

Design Concept: Supplying you a set of most appropriate egg tray manufacturing machine and helping you to save the packing cost and the cost of whole logistics process. To be the best one of egg tray machine suppliers.

Quick Customers Response: if you have any questions, we will answer you as early as possible.

Egg Tray Making Machine Price:

When you have a egg tray manufacturing business plan, you may have a capital budget for the whole plan. I think the cost of egg tray machine is the first thing that you should know.

To concluded, you get what you pay for. We Beston machinery will give you competitive price. If you have special configuration demand for eggs tray machine, let us know. We will give you the price on the terms of your need.

According to egg tray making project report, paper egg tray is the most popular packing product on the market. Compared with plastic packing product, paper egg tray is more environmental friendly. With paper egg tray, you don’t need to worry about degradation. The used paper egg tray can be recycled to make new one. In order to conform to the theme of environmental friendly, many users like to buy eggs with paper packing. Therefore, paper tray making machine has a great market prospect. So, if you want to start a new business, paper tray machine is worthy of your investing.

Beston Machinery have good quality paper making machine and egg tray machine for sale. Meanwhile, we will provide you 24h per-day and after-sale service. You can rest assured to buy egg tray machine from us. Contact us now!

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