End of the Year Promotion – Best Promotion Deals 2017

Promotional Time: November 8, 2017 – December 31, 2017

It’s finally here, all customers have been waiting for – “ End of the Year Promotion”! It is the optimal time to buy items from China. You can get the egg tray machine with the cheapest price. In order to achieve the 300 million sales, we Beston Machinery give the huge discounts:

1. 15% Off ( usually – none)

2. TT: 20% deposit ( usually 30% deposit)

To complete the goal, we host a significant conference in Beston Machinery, which was called “Circle of Battle”. The conference is significant for the clients and salesmen. Through this conference, we reached the same idea: prominent quality, cheapest price, perfect service. Therefore, you can rest assured to buy the machine from us.

Remember the promotional time: November 8, 2017 – December 31, 2017. We Beston Machinery have more than 15 year’s manufacturing experience. We can guarantee first class quality and short delivery time. Meanwhile, we can customize the egg tray machine according to your needs. Seize the chance to get the appropriate egg tray machine from we Beston Machinery, now! You will regret if you miss the chance. Last, don’t forget the time: November 8, 2017 – December 31, 2017.

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Three Ways To Help You Do Daily Inspection of Egg Tray Machine

The daily inspection can guarantee that egg tray machine works longer time. If you start this business, you certainly want to make more paper egg trays per day. Therefore, you should pay attention to the daily inspection and maintenance. Generally, you can check the egg tray machine from the three ways as followings:

Firstly, operation control: egg tray machinery has many manufacturing parts. In order to make good quality egg trays, you should make sure all parts to be synchronized, accurate and can not be flawed. When you produce egg trays, you can adjust every parts continuously to meet your requirements. For the control system, you should better to choose a good quality one because it can ensure stable working and long service life time.


Secondly, qualification of the machine: qualification rate is focused on by all walks of life. High rate means high efficiency and high productivity. Commonly, high quality machine has high qualification rate. The egg trays manufactured by our machine can reach 100% pass rate. Meanwhile, they have the advantages of high quality, anti corrosion and anti collision. You can rest assured to buy egg tray machine from us.

Thirdly, safety of the machine: safety is the most important thing for all walks of life. You can not neglect safety. Keep your eyes on running condition, electronic circuit installing, inspection on time. If you find some uncertain things, solve it as soon as possible. Also, you can ask we Beston for help, if you meet difficulties. Our professional technicians can help you to fix it through video, telephone, or others.

The three ways are helpful for your daily inspection. As professional manufacturer, you can feel free to ask any relevant questions about egg tray machines. We will try our best to give you satisfied answer. Hope to serve you.

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1000pcs Egg Tray Machine Exported to Algeria


This is our Algeria customer who buy 1000pcs egg tray machine from we Beston Machinery. Beston is a large factory and has many skilled workers. Therefore, the machine was made in the scheduled time. In manufacturing process, testing spare parts by our technicians can guarantee the machine’s high quality.



1000pcs means that the machine can make 1000 pieces of paper egg trays. According to the demand of customer, we recommend 1000 pcs machine to the customer. The machine is a kind of small egg tray machine. We also have 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000pcs machine for sale. If you need the machine, tell us. We can help you to choose the appropriate machine.

Beston machinery, a leading manufacturer in this industry, can provide you high quality machine and perfect after-sales service. So, get the competitive price from us now!

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Bright Development Prospect Of Egg Tray Machine

What is egg tray production line? Commonly speaking, the machine is used to make egg trays to place eggs. As one of professional egg tray machine manufacturers, we would like to discuss the development prospect of the machine with you.

According to survey, egg tray machine has bright development prospect. There are many reasons. Many people may want to know the reasons. Here, you can find them.

Environment friendly: the end product of egg tray machine is paper egg trays. To comply with the theme of eco-friendly, paper egg trays are taking the place of plastic egg trays.


Large demand for egg trays: with the development of economy and transportation, in order to satisfy people’s daily demand, eggs are transported from one place to another place. Meanwhile, in home, we would like to store the eggs with egg trays. Egg trays can protect eggs from crash. Therefore, more and more egg trays are needed. We Beston egg tray machine can make 1000-7500pcs egg trays per hour.

Cheap raw materials for making egg trays: we can use recycle paper to make egg trays. Recycle paper can be collected easily and is cheap. Then, the cost of making egg trays can be reduced greatly. You can make great benefits from this business.

The egg tray machine has bright development prospect. If your want to buy the machine, leave your message or send us an email. We Beston Machinery exported various of egg tray machines to many countries. All of our customers speak highly of our machine and service. Please be assured to order the machine from our factory.

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Republic of Senegal Customers Order 5000pcsh Egg Tray Machine


Republic of Senegal customers order 5000pcs/h egg tray machine from we Beston Machinery. Through visiting our factory and office, they trust we Beston. They think we are able to supply them good quality machine and perfect after sales service. Therefore, they gave the cash to us and signed a contract with us.

5000pcs/h machine can make 5000pcs egg trays per hour. It belongs to automatic egg tray making machine that has easy operation and high automatic degree. At the beginning, they don’t know how to choose the machine. According to their description, and productivity demand, we recommend them the 5000pcs machine. Then, they are glad to buy this type machine.

Senegal-Customers Visit Us


Beston Machinery is a reliable egg tray machine manufacturer. We can give you the high quality machine at the planned time. If you want to buy the machine, tell us your requirements. Promise to give you the most appropriate machine.
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GLF-1-3 1000pcs Egg Tray Making Machine Exported To Tanzania


Congratulations! We exported the GLF-1-3 1000pcs egg tray making machine to Tanzania successfully. The customer was satisfied with our machine. We manufactured the machine according to the customers’ requirements. Before manufacturing, we confirmed the details with our customers. In every process of manufacturing, we checked the spare parts carefully. Therefore, the quality of our machine can be guaranteed.



GLF-1-3 is a kind of manual egg tray making machine that can make 1000pcs egg tray per hour. It is fit for small business. If you need the machine, contact us. We promise you good quality and competitive price.

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5000-7000pcs Egg Tray Machine Exported To Egypt


Egypt customers buy two sets of 5000-7000pcs egg tray machines from we Beston Machinery. 5000-7000 pcs egg tray machine is a kind of automatic machine. It can make 5000-7000pcs egg trays per hour. It is suitable for making a large amount of egg trays.

At the specified date, we delivered the machines to our customer successfully. We took some pictures when delivered the paper tray making machine as the followings:



Beston Machinery have been manufactured various of egg tray machine and paper making machine for many years. The machine of us have good quality, advanced technology, competitive price etc. Meanwhile, we can supply the perfect after-sales service, such as installation and worker training guidance. You can buy the machine whatever you need relievedly.

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The Common Sense For Buying Toilet Paper Making Machine

Toilet paper making machine can be used to make toilet paper. The raw material for making toilet paper can be waster paper, waste carton, waste books or bamboo and wood fibre. Due to high demand for toilet paper, it is good to start toilet paper manufacturing business. Today, as one of toilet paper machine manufacturers, we would like to share the common sense for buying the machine for making toilet paper with you.

Firstly, high automatic degree: the automatic degree of the machine can affect its productivity, production cost. If you want to make large batches of paper, it is better to choose the automatic machine.

Secondly, good material: the machine manufactured by good quality steel can have longer service life time and less vibration amplitude. Meanwhile, good quality steel can have good bearing effect and promote the stability.

Thirdly, skillful degree of workers: during manufacturing process, skillful operation of workers can reduce abrasion of the machine and increase its life time.

Toilet paper is necessary in our life. Therefore, we need toilet paper machine. In order to supply the high performance machine, we have insisted to innovate new advanced paper machine type. Through continuous improvement, we have manufactured first class toilet paper machine, tissue paper manufacturing plant and so on.

Here, we strongly recommend Beston Machinery, a good reputable manufacturer, to you. Hope you buy the appropriate machine. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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